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This sophisticated knit dress … what are the alternatives to use in this season
July 15, 2018
Fashion knitted dress in 2019
December 10, 2018
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The trend of recent seasons and aims to elevate femininity and natural beauty has made them an indispensable feature of a girl’s wardrobe.

Knitted dresses – a popular trend this season. Designers are offered a variety of styles, colors and decor, allowing each girl to choose the right model.
New collection of knitted dresses designed to dispel this myth, suggests a model that focuses on elegance, lightness and slimness.

The range of knitted dresses is very wide and is not limited to models with a large viscous, which is a very greasy figure. Light mounted styles will always be popular and sought after by fashionistas. They are easy to combine with various accessories every day, creating unique images.

Especially popular are the knitted gown dresses, one-silhouette dresses-sweaters and flirtatious model with winding bottom. Properly chosen style will highlight the benefits of your character and look incredibly feminine.

Tall girls stylists recommend having a short wool dress that highlights the legs. As footwear choose or thigh high boots boots with stockings. Another option is the knitted model in the floor, some figure clamps.
Mid-length dress fits almost any type of body. The product length can be knee length or below.

For fashionistas with large hips and narrow marked waist, choose Empire-style dresses.

If you have a weak stomach you want to hide and then pay attention to the model line profile. They will make the figure leaner and the legs look longer and more attractive.

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